Urzila Carlson

17 Jun 2021

South African-New Zealander Urzila Carlson is a ‘Token African’. She’s also a multi-award-winning comedian and a household name across two continents. And she’s not finished yet. Carlson is hitting the road again in 2021 with her brand new stand up show, Token African


Africans have become the new must have accessory. Okay, not really, but everyone knows one, works with one or has a sister that’s dating one. What makes you African? Is it enough that you’re born there? Do you need to be able to dance? Why does being South African not register as African in most places? You’re thinking about it right now aren’t you? Questioning it.


Africa changes people. People who visit to game reserves wear ranger outfits… why is that? We don't wear scrubs when going to the doctor… Africa puts things in perspective, this show will help you find that focus, delivered to you by a Token African.

Buy soon, buy quick. Carlson is a guaranteed sell-out.


“Carlson is a gifted and accomplished comedian – an absolute must-see.” - Appetite for the Arts

 Belly laughs and guffaws aplenty"★★★★★ - The Music

"Effortlessly likeable.. stream of belly-laughs" - The Age 


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Genre Comedy
Dates 17 Jun 2021




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